Data Downloads

Interlock monitor 3After your ignition interlock is installed, your provider will issue you a “Certificate of Installation.” This document will need to be presented to the DHSMV at the time you request a driver’s license reinstatement. Your service center technician will also schedule you for a mandatory monthly “monitoring check” (download of data). Your visit to the service provider will include a “maintenance diagnostic routine” that incorporates a calibration of your ignition interlock device.

Ignition Interlock Data Log

Each time you access your ignition interlock, it will collect and record a significant amount of information into its “data storage system.” These “events” include

  • Each breath test result (This includes both your initial test to start the vehicle, “timed retests,” and subsequent “rolling retests”);
  • Your failure to submit a breath test after being requested by the device to do so;
  • Each occasion in which your vehicle’s engine was started or stopped;
  • Any efforts to tamper with or circumvent the ignition interlock device;
  • Your failure to turn the vehicle’s engine off after a failed “rolling” test;
  • The total period of time your vehicle was used on each occasion it was driven;
  • The mileage your vehicle was driven and the total mileage since your last data download;
  • Each occasion that you experienced a “vehicle lockout;” and
  • Whether you employed the emergency override feature.

Monthly Ignition Interlock Service

After your initial installation, it will be necessary for you to revisit your interlock provider each month for a “monitoring check.” The purpose of these visits is to download all of the event data associated with your use of the ignition interlock. It is also an opportunity for the service technician to download your photographic images and to check the calibration of your interlock device.

Each of the three service providers will conduct the “monitoring check in accordance with their own administrative procedures. However, it is important to note, that regardless of which service provider you choose, none of the service technicians have access to the data stream of information. Accordingly, it is not the job of the service technician to ascertain whether you are in compliance with the interlock program. Rather, the monthly data is only reviewable at the company’s corporate headquarters by an individual possessing a “secured access role.” It is at this separate and remote corporate headquarter location that an official “compliance review” is made. When appropriate, a “violation report” is forwarded to the Florida Department of Highway Safety, Division of Driver’s Licenses.

Drive-Through Service

Some interlock providers have you drive into their garage and permit you to remain in your vehicle while the monitoring procedure takes place. The service center technician will roll a utility cart up to your vehicle’s driver side window. Mounted on the cart is a web based PC and calibration hardware. The service center technician will wire-connect the handset of your interlock to his computer. The proprietary software will thereafter download all of the above listed “events” to a secure Internet-based corporate computer.
The technician will also securely affix a rubber connector to the mouthpiece of your interlock. This connection incorporates a prominent dry gas regulator and a lengthy hose which leads to a large cylinder container in the service center garage. The cylinder is filled with a certified “ethanol dry gas standard.” The “standard” consists of a mixture of alcohol and gas which produces a known alcohol vapor concentration. The manufacturing source of the “standard” is required to be traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is through this “simulated” breath testing that the proper calibration of your interlock is checked.

Waiting Room Service

Other service providers offer an air-conditioned waiting room with complimentary television. You park your vehicle in a convenient parking lot and  check-in with the receptionist. A technician drives your vehicle into the garage and removes the detachable handset of your ignition interlock device. It is connected to proprietary hardware for the purpose of downloading images and event data from the memory chip in the interlock. The calibration and cleaning of your ignition interlock is then accomplished utilizing a simulator pump and “wet bath” system. The technician will use “Guth Laboratories” premixed and certified alcohol reference solutions. These standards are also traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

In both circumstances, the monthly “monitoring check” is accomplished in a relatively short period of time. Your next monthly service appointment is programed into your interlock by the service technician and the device will subsequently provide you with friendly reminders as that date approaches.

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