Attempts to Avoid Embarrassment
Disguising Your Interlock… Not Always a Good Idea

Camo Cup

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Several years ago ignition interlocks were more of a rarity. Today, the general public is well familiar with these devices and the purpose that they serve. As a result, Clients fear that someone will see them blowing into the mouth piece of an ignition interlock and pass judgment on them.

A new industry has jumped at the opportunity to “cash in” on the public’s anxiety caused by the use of an Ignition Interlock device. Patented coffee and soft drink cups have been cleverly designed to conceal the interlock. The problem with these “camo” cups is that they could subject you to a potential drivers license suspension. This is because the DHSMV in Florida requires that the photograph taken by the windshield mounted camera include not only an image of the driver, but also an unobstructed view of the driver blowing into the interlock device.

The lawyers in our office have been informed that a photograph of you blowing into a coffee or soft drink cup will simply not suffice. The Florida DHSMV fears that an impaired driver could blow into an empty “camo” cup while his sober passenger (outside the range of the camera) simultaneously provided a clean breath test sample into the interlock device itself.

On the other hand, if you want to disguise your interlock from straying eyes when the vehicle is parked and unoccupied, there is nothing to prevent you from doing so.



Interlock Disguise

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