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We Made it OUR Business to Know Law Enforcement’s Business

We are Former State Prosecutors

We are Former State Prosecutors

We Learned Street-Level DUI Enforcement Tactics from the Inside
We have first-hand knowledge of strategies often used by the prosecution. Our experience provides us with the ability to identify potential areas of weakness. We believe that by having learned many of our adversary’s tactics, we can provide you with insight and practical advice.

We are Certified in Proper Roadside Field Sobriety Testing

We are Certified in Proper Roadside Field Sobriety Testing

Attorney Marc Pelletier can review the video tape of your field sobriety tests to see if they were properly administered and interpreted fairly. Flawed field sobriety tests could lead to a reduced charge of reckless driving.

DUI Sobriety Checkpoint Sign

Advised Law Enforcement Personnel at DUI Checkpoints

As former State Prosecutors, attorneys Marc Pelletier and Timothy Sullivan acted as on-site advisors to law enforcement on legal and procedural issues at DUI checkpoints. If your case involves a DUI roadblock, any deviation from court-approved procedures could jeopardize the state’s case.

Florida's Intoylizer 8000 Machine

We are Trained & Certified Intoxilyzer Operators

The outcome of your case could rest on your intoxilyzer results, which in some cases (.08 or above), may carry a “presumption of impairment.” We will closely audit the operator’s permit and the machine’s calibration records. Non-compliance with administrative rules could prohibit the admissibility of your test results in court.

Intoxylizer Calibration Wet Bath Solution

Intoxilyzer Inspector

Attorney Timothy Sullivan was certified by the FDLE in the inspection & maintenance of the Intoxilyzer. His hands-on experience enables him to carefully review the alcohol wet bath solution protocol of this breath testing device. He can ascertain whether the police properly complied with Florida law governing the calibration of the Intoxilyzer machine used in your case.

Russo Vintage Breath Testing Museum

We Own the Same Breath Testing Devices Used by Law Enforcement

The Law Offices of Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan maintain the largest known private collection of vintage and contemporary breath testing instruments in the state of Florida. Clients learn that all breath testing instruments have limitations and vulnerabilities.

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Pinellas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Marc Pelletier was honored by the local legal community when he was elected President
of the Pinellas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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